Our Mission

Provide our clients with compliant infrastructure management and security services


Welcome to Puma Telecommunications

Changing the way leadership and information technology team members view managed services.

Puma Telecommunications provides Compliant Infrastructure Support and Security Management to all sizes of businesses with a focus on healthcare.

All companies have infrastructure (servers, switches, firewalls, wireless, etc…). Whether you are a small financial institution or a large hospital, your organization relies heavily on this infrastructure and that infrastructure rarely changes. Most companies staff their IT departments with resources that are not necessary full time and often leave gaps in knowledge and understanding as technology advances. This can often lead to siloing of the IT infrastructure and leave leadership and ownership feeling like they are held hostage.

This is where we can help!

Puma Telecommunications can manage your infrastructure and compliance for your company leaving your required resources on the ground to do the less complicated work. This often leads to a significant reduction in expenses and access to engineers and resources who are up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques as well as compliance standards. We can also serve as a resource for your existing team by being on call to answer or provide support and reduce costs.

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Compliance Solutions

Complete End-to-End solutions

Our MSSP service delivers real-time monitoring and detection of all incidents and events through our CyberSoc partner Arctic Wolf Networks. Couple this with our best-of-class infrastructure management program, you have complete compliance coverage!

The core component of Puma has always been our MSP program. Augmenting IT teams throughout the country, we deliver piece of mind and coverage where it is needed. Managing network infrastructure and ensuring safety and security is paramount and works hand in hand with our MSSP and Server programs.

Server Management is crucial as this is the very equipment running your day-to-day as well as keeping your data. Making sure they stay secure and up-to-date can be a heavy task. We can assist your team with P to V conversions, design and implementation of new equipment as well.


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